A Picture Worth A Thousand Words: The Importance of Editing Yourself

Social Media tools are all about promotion. A professional may be hired to throw all kinds of information out in the e-sphere in order to ‘get the word out’, or one can even do it themselves for their business, to boost their own confidence and most often to grab attention. It’s the easiest way to network if one is computer savvy enough and has lots of time to kill “surfing” the internet in order to find the best sites and use the best phrases and know algorithms to promote their information.

Getting lost on the internet is something I “struggle” with. Because I’m a mother of five with a full-time job out of the home my time is pretty valuable and when I start my part-time position for social media purposes I get lost in the e-sphere, which I love – don’t get me wrong. One thing leads to the next and 2 minutes after starting I end up watching cat videos on YouTube. Or better yet Vines. Happens to all of us and not on purpose. (okay, maybe sometimes on purpose).

However, when I post for business related purposes, I stay on topic and act professional. My personal page on Facebook is for when I want to goof off. Mixing the two can be confusing and annoying to your ‘friends’.

What happens when:

-your professional life is completely intertwined with your personal life?

-you are your business?

-what you post seems over-indulgent?

People use tools like Facebook as a means to reach others in ways that were not as quick in the old days. There was a time when you wanted to send a picture to someone, you had to get the film developed, then send the print in the mail and wait sometimes at least 2 weeks in order to receive it. Now, with Facebook, Instagram and Pixdrop, just to name a few, in a  matter of seconds an image can be shared. Does that mean you should though? Learning to edit oneself seems like manners your grandmother learned but for some reason today seems insignificant.

In the last few weeks my feed has been slammed by over-indulgent shots and posts of lots of different people, taking pictures of themselves before a meeting, during a meeting, after the meeting, a full length mirror ‘selfie’ of what they’ll be WEARING to a meeting, the meal at the meeting, the pen they are about to write a note with (because we all know how funny that is – who uses pens anymore, seriously).

This is not meant to be offensive, but STOP IT, you are so annoying!

Posting a before and after shot is ok – with a positive message about a possible big deal about to go down, then again after with a nice group photo including a handshake (or even with your arms around each other), acceptable. We all want to know what you’re up to, that’s why we are following your blog, your Facebook, and your Twitter account. But, stop the madness and excessive behavior, unless of course you are trying to get others talking about you all the time. There are those that say any attention is good attention, but the smart people know that negative attention can hurt your product, or worse your reputation. If you want to seem credible and not go overboard here are a couple of tips on what not to do (found these examples online – no joke):

Make sure there is a positive point to your post and don’t be obnoxious about it like this girl:

“I’m wearing skinny jeans to an interview at a plus size store, #gotta’luvme”

Don’t pat yourself on the back:

“Just signed that million dollar deal #IMTHEBOMB “

Stop posting comments that are not relevant and stick to the issues. Give people a reason to continue following but more importantly, want to do business with you. If you’re in fashion, then sure we would want to see your whole outfit, but the selfies are generally pure selfish acts of neediness. It’s too much, it screams – “look at me!” Look what I’m breathing, look what I’m eating, look what I’m smelling, look what I’m looking at…these are all okay to post if it relates to what it is you’re selling or promoting or actually being funny. Your fan base will appreciate you more when you are selective, edit yourself out, be thoughtful and don’t hit the publish button until you read and re-read your typed thoughts.

Wouldn’t you prefer to be praised for your ability to be articulate and pleasant rather than your post that read: “This post just put me over 12,000 posts I posted this month alone. Check out my Instagram and FB, peeps  !!!”

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